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So that’s what my other half told me six years ago. Let me explain…..

It was the last night of our holiday in the Caribbean. We had tried all but two restaurants during the course of our two-week holiday, and on our last night, we found ourselves in the usual habit of walking from restaurant to restaurant, with our (mainly mine) faces squashed up against the glass box (which is more often than not left dirty and smudged with previous customer fingerprints), trying to scan the menu for something that would excite our taste buds.  I found a starter of giant prawns pan-fried in a garlic sauce which made my tummy dance. Looking further down to the main dishes, I could see nothing that would excite me.  So, after a quick glance through the restaurant window, we could see the tables were 70% full……a good sign. We moved on to the next restaurant…same ritual, faces squashed against the glass box, and BINGO! I found a nice main dish, Lobster and Crab souffle. Again, quick glance for a diner count, 75% diners seated, boxes ticked, then came my suggestion…”Lets have the starter in the first restaurant and eat our main dish here”……….and the rest is history!

It was at that point I realised that yes, I was obsessed with all things food.

I’ve had the privilege to meet many an amateur cook, some good, some absolutely brilliant, and some dreadful, but the pleasure gained from becoming friends with such people is that they too all obsess and enjoy talking about food. I’ve come to the conclusion that it really doesn’t matter how good you can make an ommlette look, or how high your souffle can rise. The main thing is that it matters to you, and you enjoy the whole process from thinking about what you are going to cook or eat, to which shop or restaurant you are going to visit, and if you’re like me, you actually get excited about going to local markets, yes, even on holiday!!!, and looking at all the produce that’s on offer.

So with this blog I intend to share some stories, throw in a recipe or two, rave about any new ingredient I might have just discovered, or a restaurant that just makes you salivate at the sight of their menu, or share some reviews from friends who’ve been discovering all things foodie.

I hope you will help me in my mission of sharing my obsession, feel free to write comments, share your tales of foodie love and ultimately enjoy!

I will put some new photos on here once I find the best ones….and yes, that’s another obsession I have, taking pics of all things foodie!!!!

So until we meet again, good luck with your foodie life!



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