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Busy ,busy busy!

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Hi everyone! Firstly, my apologies for taking so long to write something on here. What with Christmas, and all that comes with it, I’ve been so busy. The best part of my ‘busy-ness’ is that I have been creating a brand new website, which is all time consuming at the moment. I’m busy writing loads of stuff about ….yep, you guessed it, about…FOOOOOD!  The website is no where near ready yet, but you’re welcome to hop over and have a nosey. Even better, bookmark it whilst you’re there! I’m adding new things on there everyday, so it is constantly growing. I’d welcome any feedback about what you think about it, any suggestions etc. After all, there’s always room for improvement!

I’ve put a couple of nice recipes on there for now, a very moist lemon or orange pound cake and a very moist chocolate pound cake. here’s a couple of pictures to get you salivating:

DSC06165rich chocolate moist pound cake

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