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Creme Caramel Custard – Lovefoodies hanging out! Tease your taste buds!

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Creme Caramel

Who would have thought that 4 simple ingredients could be transformed in to a delicious dessert, which, contrary to what you may think, is very easy to make!
Creme Caramel, or milk leche, or custard flan, is an international favourite. The variation of names is testament to how far reaching across the globe this favourite dessert really is. From the Philippines to Spain, from Puerto Rico, to India, each country has it’s own version of the popular creme caramel, with varying ingredients, substituting fresh milk for condensed milk, or coconut milk. 

Here we will use the ingredients you see above. You may have eaten creme caramel before. What did you notice about it? Have you ever come across a creme caramel with a load of bubbles in it, or had a grainy texture? Here you will be able to get a very smooth, silky, velvety dessert, which will want you eating more! It truly is delicious! Follow the easy steps below and you are sure to wow anyone that eats your creation. It’s simply sublime! Click the link below to take you to the recipe.

Creme Caramel Custard – Lovefoodies hanging out! Tease your taste buds!.

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