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Flavour-dance Dumplings – Lovefoodies hanging out! Tease your taste buds!

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Flavour Dancing Dumplings

Flavour Dancing Dumplings

Why do I call this Flavour dance dumplings you may ask. The answer is simple! I first came across these dumplings when a lovely lady from Mumsfilibaba shared her Swedish dumpling recipe with us over on Facebook. Immediately, her recipe caught my eye and inspired me of all the possibilities I had in taking this simple popular Swedish potato dumpling to the next level.

I wanted to get a flavour explosion in my mouth when I first bit into the dumpling. So it got me thinking, and experimenting with her recipe, and after various trials of adding this spice and that spice, I’ve come up with this recipe, which is an adaptation of Mumsfilibaba’s (all credit to her who gave me the inspiration!) which manages to tease and tickle all your senses, from when you first set eyes on this little dumpling, through to your first bite and you get the crispy crunchy texture, then the soft potato, then the chew and here’s the thing….the fantastic explosion of flavours when your taste buds register the filling. That’s when the dancing begins, right on your tongue. It’s as though your whole mouth becomes an orchestra of flavours, all complimenting each other, and yet, all distinct in their own right. I haven’t had a dance like this in my mouth for a while. Often, our taste buds get used to the flavours we always seem to have, so once you get a new combination, together with the different texture levels, it really can be a concert of joy!

I’ve given you two different flavour fillings you can try out for yourself, and I really would encourage you to play around a little and add your own flavours, some combinations you will like, some you won’t. It’s all part of the fun when you can adapt and mix spices. keep doing it until you get that concert in your mouth! Trust me, you will be delighted when you take your first bite into one of your dumplings. I’ll put the link to Mumsfilibaba at the end of the recipe if any of you would like to take a look.

Come take a dance with me …..

Flavour-dance Dumplings – Lovefoodies hanging out! Tease your taste buds!.


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