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Quick & Easy Moist Chicken Breast Surprise! – Lovefoodies hanging out! Tease your taste buds!

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Quick & Easy moist Chicken breast Dinner

I have to confess I am not the biggest fan of eating chicken breast or white meat as it is often called. The reasons being firstly, the meat can be easily overcooked, or cooked using a technique not suited to the ‘structure’ of the meat, resulting in a dry chewy experience. Second, there is not much flavour in the meat itself as it is lower in fat than it’s neighbour, the thigh or leg, and is often bought without the skin on. Both the fat and skin on meat add heaps of flavour and moisture during the cooking process, so when these two things are missing, it is no wonder why the chicken breast can be a ‘boring, tasteless, dry and chewy’ experience.

I appreciate some people don’t like to eat meat on the bone, nor do they like fat or skin. I also appreciate these same diners do like TASTE, TEXTURE and enjoyment from every bite of meat they take.

My challenge was to come up with a chicken breast recipe which was quick, versatile and most importantly, tasty, succulent and full of flavour. Because this is such a quick recipe, I’ve also included instructions of cooking some potatoes & courgettes / zucchini to accompany the chicken. The fact that this whole meal can be ready on your table within 15 minutes has got to be a bonus!

To maintain the moisture in the meat, it has got to be cooked very fast. This means doing a little ‘work out’ on your meat, so it is not as thick. If you cook meat under a high heat, the outer layer will be quickly cooked, thus sealing all the meat juices within the body of outer sealed layer. This is important to achieve the moisture we want.  So roll your sleeves up and get your skates on for a very fast cooking experience!

Quick & Easy Moist Chicken Breast Surprise! – Lovefoodies hanging out! Tease your taste buds!.


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