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Chinese Fried Noodles – Lovefoodies hanging out! Tease your taste buds!

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Chinese Fried Noodles

There are many types of noodles available in the shops, ranging from egg noodles (yellow) to rice noodles (white). They also come in different shapes and thicknesses, and as you would expect, recipes will differ according to the type of noodle, as well as the country / region where it is most popular.

This recipe I am sharing is using rice noodles. They are my favourite.

I find rice noodles not too heavy and filling, and extremely easy and quick to prepare. It’s such a versatile ingredient, often fried or eaten in a broth.

You can choose your favourite meat, or no meat at all. Also, you can swap any of the vegetables for your favourite ones, or whatever you may have in your fridge.

The main thing is to achieve a Chinese flavour so where possible, try to use the marinade ingredients.

Choose 1 handful amount of 3 of your favourite vegetables, such as peppers, beansprouts, broccoli, courguettes / zucchini, mushrooms. To that you can add what ever meat you wish. Just remember to slice the meat thinly

The trick with making any Chinese food and it’s guaranteed success is to prepare everything before hand. You need to get all your ingredients together, chopped, diced, sauces prepared, absolutely everything that belongs in a recipe must be at hand when you fire your wok up to inferno temperatures!

Chinese Fried Noodles – Lovefoodies hanging out! Tease your taste buds!.


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