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Dutch Buttercake (boterkoek)


Dutch Buttercake

The famous Dutch Buttercake. A wonderful easy cake, addictive and very tasty! So switch your ovens on, rolls up your sleeves and let’s bake!

See the recipe here

4 thoughts on “Dutch Buttercake (boterkoek)

  1. How does one print the recipe?

    • Hi, There are several ways you can print the recipe :
      You can right click on the recipe and select’print’ or you can click on the RED + icon on the far left of the page (it is in a vertical row). From there you can select print or print friendly.
      Hope this helps. Happy Baking!

  2. Thank you. I actually want to save the recipe to my hard drive to add to my existing software. Can you help. I tried downloading Adobe converter but there is a file missing and it will not run.

  3. Hi Herman, I’m not sure what format you use to save your recipes, if you are using a word document then you would need to copy and paste everything to a word doc then save it as normal, for PDF, there is an option using the print friendly button to save as a PDF file, you simply select that and save to where you keep your recipes.
    Other than that, you can always save the link to the recipe in a file (my links never change) so you can always come back to it whenever you need to on the website.
    How do you normally save a recipe from a website? i.e what do you actually do to get the recipe to your software?

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