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About Lovefoodies

A bit about Lovefoodies

me at 40 something

me at 40 something

Food and all things concerned with food has been a part of my life, probably from the day I was born!

I’m Mary, a forty – something (don’t tell everyone!) food lover who is admittedly obsessed with the whole food thing. 

Enjoying food from a young age…..

enjoying yum cha

enjoying yum cha

I was born and raised in Hong Kong, and for any of you lucky enough to have lived or been on holiday there, you will have an understanding of how food can literally take over your life!

During my early twenties and thirties, I lived in the United Kingdom, which is where I really had to teach myself how to cook. I found I could gain satisfaction from being able to make something creative and tasty, using very little money, and I also enjoyed going for High Teas, and then coming home and trying to recreate the elegance and pomp of a real long English tradition.

I had always dreamed of having all those ‘posh’ bits of kitchen equipment, like a KitchenAid mixer, and a Smeg oven…. as far as I was concerned, they would remain dreams until one day, I could save enough money to buy them. Finally, twenty years later and after a lot of hard work, I managed to save enough money to buy my first Smeg oven. I also was lucky enough to get a few new kitchen appliances, (KitchenAid!!!).  I was as happy as you could imagine!

crabs for my birthday

birthday crabs

I now live in the Netherlands where I spend my time doing cookery workshops, recipe testing (can be very fattening!!) and working on Lovefoodies. Dutch pancake train

I don’t profess to be qualified in nutritional advice, nor do I make claims to have any university degrees in the scientific study of food. What I do have is a desire, and need to share experiences, opinions and discoveries with fellow foodies, show that you don’t have to be a Michelin Star Chef to cook great food, and that cooking, experimenting with tastes, textures and flavours can be fun, exciting, and at times enlightening.

banana tree

Anyone for a banana?

My philosophy is.. so long as you have a mouth, nose, and eyes, you can enjoy all the different sensations food has on offer. Even if you are lacking in a sense or two, enjoying food, and having the opportunity to taste new things and be able to share experiences with friends cannot be matched by any other means…in my opinion!

Over the years, I’ve been lucky enough to have traveled extensively, sampling local foods, visiting local markets (a ‘MUST DO’ on every holiday!), chatting to locals about food, and from time to time, been successful in my often cheeky requests to watch the cook in a favorite restaurant create a local dish.

There are some cuisines I favour more than others…..Cantonese food for example, is my ‘home’ food. I also have a leaning toward spices and herbs, and I guess my biggest leaning is toward the desserts…. but to be perfectly honest……all food is great!

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  1. Interesting sight!!

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