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Chinese Wonton

Chinese Wonton

If any of you have been to a Chinese restaurant, you have most likely seen this Wonton dish. It’s delicious!  Often it is served in the form of a soup, with some vegetables and or noodles also in the broth.  There are many ways to cook wonton, and there are also many fillings you can use. Here, I will show you my favourite fillings, and I choose these because of the flavours and texture sensations you get.

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Cheddar & Ham Chowder

Cheddar & Ham Chowder

oh boy! Lots of you have snow and cold weather, and our friend Libby has kindly shared her Mom’s Prize Winning (yep, this is a good one everybody!) Cheddar & Ham Chowder.

Gosh it looks so good, and easy to make too! Libby tells me she often makes this and keeps warm in her crock pot until the guys are ready for their lunch! How about that!

See the recipe here