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Cheats Malaysian Coconut Chicken & Potato Curry – Lovefoodies hanging out! Tease your taste buds!

Cheat’s Coconut Chicken & Potato Curry

Cheats Malaysian coconut chicken curry


How many of us can say that and remember how to say it at a later date? That’s the Malaysian name for this delicious curry, which in everyday words, is called a Chicken and Potato curry! 
I’ve called it a ‘cheats’ curry because many of us can feel a little overwhelmed when it comes to making curries. 

All those spices and what to do with them, how much to add, where to buy them, will they be too hot? Will I ever use them again? It can take a long time too, preparing all the spices if you make them from scratch. So this curry is called a cheats curry because you will be able to achieve an authentic Malaysian curry flavour, without the need to add all the zillions of spices, it’s super quick, and great served up with a plate of plain Thai Fragrant Jasmine rice.
As a child growing up in Hong Kong, we had many culinary influences from Malaysia, and this recipe is one my mother would whip up in the kitchen during the week. It was never a hot chili tasting dish, as mild curry powder is used. But I always remember the smell of the coconut mixed with the curry powder as my mum would be cooking. The flavour was a lovely creamy coconut, mixed with the chicken, the taste of the potatoes, all lovely and soft full of the curry sauce,and together with sauce all over the rice, it truly was a magical, refreshingly tasty dish. Of course you can make the curry hotter to your taste..just add chilies or hot curry powder!
So come take a trip with me to the Orient  and explore some delicious flavours and smells. Once you’ve made this dish, you will make it over and over again! Clickety click the link below to be flown away to a taste of the Orient!